Thursday, April 6, 2017



A word to share on love and forgiveness, some are old and some are new.

"Death is not the end of life,
It's only the beginning
Of a life, with or without Jesus,
The choice is our, while living."

We are all flowers in our Lord's garden, blooming at different times and in different ways. No one knows the heart of another except the Lord, and His love and compassion reaches out to all His children.
Love includes forgiveness, for without forgiveness there can be no love, as one completes the other. Remember the good times, and let the hard times fade away. Love and prayers sent your way.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


My child, My child, I love you so; 
You were here, and now you're gone. 
My arms reach out, but you're not there, 
 Surrounded by others, but still alone. 

 My child, My child, don't turn away, 
For I gave you My Son, too. 
His life and death you celebrate, 
This was My gift of love to you. 

 My child, My child, these words I pray, 
Will help you understand, 
Your child is safe within My arms, 
As you will be, once again.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I'll put no flowers on your grave,
For I know you are not there.
So, I'll give them to a loved one,
And we'll remember you, in prayer.

Father, who created our souls,
Has you now, with Him.
And though, I know I'll miss you so,
I'll see you soon, again.

The price was paid, so long ago,
And now, your victory's won.
Eternal life is your reward,
For you are with the Son.

You are with friends and family,
And joyfull songs you'll sing.
You'll live on in my memory,
Until we meet again.

Death is not the end of life,
It's only the beginning,
Of a life with or without Jesus,
The choice is ours, while living.

Friday, May 18, 2012


I dreamt I stood at Heaven's Gate,
And, in shock, found out,
I'd have to wait!

I'd been expecting free admission,
But, was told, "Not now,
The Lord's gone fishing."

A young man stood, not far away.
He seemed like he had
Something to say.

But, when I asked, "What's happening here?"
He sadly smiled,
And said, "I feared."

So, if you make God wait for you,
You may lose out
On His "Grace," too.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Every day is Mother's Day,
Not just one day a year.
But still, one day's been set aside,
To say, "We love you, dear."

Or, in our heart's a memory,
Of our Mother, with God, above.
So, whether near, or far away,
We all share a Mother's love.

Father, mother, brother, sister,
Or friend, whose been a Mom to you,
It  needn't be a "blood relation,"
For this love to be so true.

Our souls, all share one Father,
Who has shown His love, for all.
We are, therefore,  one family,
And on Him, we can call.

So, as we come to Mother's Day,
Let your heart speak out for you.
It's a chance to show the love,
And appreciation, for all they do.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Times Are Getting Harder

Father, I Iove You; Father, I want You; Father I need You to stay close to me.

Father, please help me be who You'd have me be.
Father, please help me see what You'd have me see.
Father, please help me say what You'd have me say.
Father, please guide me on this path You've set my way.

Father, I Iove You; Father, I want You; Father I need You to stay close to me.

Father, please help those Who are in Your lov ing care.
To feel Your closeness,And know that You are there.
Times are getting harder,And we do understand.
Prophecy must be fullfilled,For it is in Your plan.
A circle of protection,Your covering will be,
A miracle of love from You,For all the world to see.

Father, I Iove You; Father, I want You; Father I need You to stay close to me.

I love You, I want You, I need You, my Lord. 
Be with me, be near me, in Your Holy Word
And let Your love shine out through me for all the world Your love to see,
To know that as You love me, I'll love others too.
So let Your love shine out through me, for all the world and folks to see,
To know that You are there.for You, are always by our side.
Father, we love You, Father, we want You; Father, we need You to keep us close to Thee.

We love You,We want You, we need You our Lord, Be with us, be near us, in Your Holy Word

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Father, this I earnestly pray.
Be with our loved ones throughout this day.
And as we face, what we do not know,
Please guide us how you'd have us go. 

Not my will, but thy will,
Is the way that we should pray.
And ask for help to keep us on
The path you've set our way.